In Her Image

Photographs by: Rania Matar

This photo caught my eye. It stood out from the rest because of the confidence that this young girl is throwing at the camera. In most of the other photos the girls look uncomfortable due to the notoriously confusing stage of life we all know very well. I find her confidence inspiring. She is standing very proudly in front of a ruined wall, inside of a refugee camp.

This photo sadly resonates with me and probably everyone else who is aware of their imperfections. There’s is a certain age for each of us when we loose our carefree nature. There is no fixed age so it varies from person to person, and I can’t quite put my finger on when it happened to me, but it did. This photo gives us a vague time frame on when this change happened in her. This concept of photographing this change is very interesting to me. I love the obvious way Rania Matar captures their body language. Having the photos next to each other, and keeping the backgrounds consistent shows us that they are obviously the same person. What we can’t see is all the pain, heartache, and embarrassment that this girl went through between these photos.

This photo of mother and daughter is something I can relate to. I have grown out of the time in my life when my mother was my enemy. I have made many many mistakes in my life and my mom was always there to help me out. In this photo it is obvious that this teenaged girl is going through troubles of her own that she needs to work past in order to grow. Her mom is still holding on to a small area of her daughter. They are not hugging. They are not holding hands. They are in a position that shows me that this girls mother is going to give her freedom to figure it out but she is not letting go.


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